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Learning should be fun and engaging, so we’ve designed our learning experience platform around communication and collaboration. Our system is flexible to meet your needs today while preparing you for the future.

Let’s make learning your competitive advantage!

the image shows a smartphone-mockup of Get More Brain, our platform to create engaging upskilling-environments: personal dashboard with messenger, workspace, library and academy

All the tools to create your

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As a messenger-based learning-platform we provide more engaging interaction between learners, coaches and AI-driven bots. The result is a joyful, collaborative learning experience with instant feedback.

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The Messenger is the core of Get More Brain, providing a simple and flexible way for users to communicate with each other.


The personal notebooks in Get More Brain are powerful tools to easily create, store, and share all kinds of content.

Let’s make learning your competitive advantage.

Get More Brain enables learners and coaches to exchange learning nuggets on individual or group learning paths.

Creators, organizations and developers can easily integrate their learning content in Get More Brain and sell it in our Academy.

The content you need

Finding the right learning content is key for you because it helps you to reach your personal learning goals. In Get More Brain we offer you free and paid content, created by professionals.


Looking for high-quality learning content that fits your needs? Our Academy has you covered!


In the library you find all your books and other learning materials in one place.

Personal Learning

Personal learning is a continuous journey that takes time, effort and curiosity. Whether you’re tackling complex tasks or learning new skills, our bitmark-based resources are designed to offer intelligent guidance and feedback every step of the way.

Bit by Bit

Our content is based on the open source standard of bitmark, and it is modular and easy to digest in individual learning nuggets.

Learning Paths

The learning paths in Get More Brain are designed to help learners navigate their individual learning journeys with guidance from experienced coaches.

AI Bots & Feedback

Get More Brain provides artificial intelligence that can help you tackle complex tasks, offering intelligent feedback every step of the way.

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Learning Experience based on bitmark

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