Why do we use smartphones for everything except learning?

The image shows a smartphone with Get More Brain on its display. A perfect tool for mobile learning

15 years ago Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone. This was the start of the triumphant advance of smartphones. Various statistics say that currently around 83% of the world’s population uses a smartphone. Some estimates are even higher.

How to enhance corporate learning?

The image shows a smartphone with Get More Brain on its display. A perfect tool for mobile learning

Corporate learning is being disrupted. People learn all throughout their lives and, generally, have a thirst for new knowledge. It isn’t just about making workers more productive.

The ADDIE Design Process

The image shows the ADDIE Design Model: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate

The ADDIE model was developed in 1975 at Florida State University and still serves as an easy, approachable model to develop learning content and learning experiences. It’s a perfect base to start your work with Bitmark and Get More Brain!

What is Get More Brain?

The image shows a list of what Get More Brain is: Messenger, Notebooks, Library, Academy, Sharing Bits, Learning Paths, Al Bots, Al Feedbacks

Get More Brain is based on the fact that learning is often (always?) based on communication. A student talks to his professor. A learner discusses with her teacher. A teacher chats with his class. An employee exchanges ideas with a field worker.

Creating very unique Learning Experiences

The image shows a young man with a tablet sitting in a corn field. This stands for creating a very special learning experience

Creating new learning experiences doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you use some basic techniques, you can create proper learning content and settings for your organization, your students, or your friends.

A smartphone is perfect for learning

The image shows a smartphone lying on a table. On the display you see the Messenger of Get More Brain.

There are many benefits to using a smartphone for learning, such as the ability to access course materials online, find information quickly, and use apps and tools that can help you learn. Plus, you can take your studies with you wherever you go.