Why do we use smartphones for everything except learning?

15 years ago Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone. This was the start of the triumphant advance of smartphones. Various statistics say that currently around 83% of the world’s population uses a smartphone. Some estimates are even higher.
The image shows a smartphone with Get More Brain on its display. A perfect tool for mobile learning
Roman Schurter
Roman Schurter
+20 years educational content creation, Community Manager and Learning Designer at Get More Brain.

Smartphones are everywhere

The smartphone has become prevalent in all areas of our daily lives: communication, entertainment, navigation, fitness, shopping, banking….

Why not for learning, too?

The image shows a smarphone with Get More Brain on its display. A perfect tool for mobile learning
Mobile learning with Get More Brain

With so many apps and tools at our disposal, the smartphone should be used for learning in some form. Whether it’s for taking notes in class, doing homework, or even just studying for an exam, the smartphone has the potential to be a powerful tool for learning.

A smartphone is perfect for learning

There are a few reasons why this isn’t the case.

  1. First, we already have a lot to do when it comes to learning. Multitasking is difficult as it is, Adding another app or tool to the mix could be just the distraction that really throws off your learning. Especially if you’re at a college or university
  2. Second, a lot of content isn’t made for the smartphone. Layout and navigation are book-oriented and don’t lend themselves to small screens.
  3. Third, the majority of schools and organisations are not yet familiar with the potential of apps and tools. Most have probably barely begun to explore their options when it comes to teaching online courses or MOOCs. Many don’t even know that tools like Get More Brain exist. And most don’t even know how to use social media for educational purposes.

We want to change that: Get More Brain and Bitmark are made for learning on your smartphone.

💡 With Get More Brain, innovative learning settings can be designed that are primarily based on communication.

💡 With Bitmark, content of any kind can be structured and optimized for the smartphone.

While both technologies can be used individually, they really stand out in combination. Then they unfold their full potential and enable interactive and multimedia learning, independent of time and place — thanks to the smartphone!

This story was first published on LinkedIn (9. February 2022)