What is Get More Brain?

Get More Brain is based on the fact that learning is often (always?) based on communication. A student talks to his professor. A learner discusses with her teacher. A teacher chats with his class. An employee exchanges ideas with a field worker.
The image shows a list of what Get More Brain is: Messenger, Notebooks, Library, Academy, Sharing Bits, Learning Paths, Al Bots, Al Feedbacks
Roman Schurter
Roman Schurter
+20 years educational content creation, Community Manager and Learning Designer at Get More Brain.

Get More Brain is a Messenger

There are many learning situations in which conversation is key. In knowledge transfer, in knowledge application, in knowledge testing.

That’s why Get More Brain is first and foremost a messenger. Like WhatsApp, Telegram and Co, people can communicate with each other 1:1 or in groups. And like its colleagues, Get More Brain lives primarily on smartphones. Of course, you can learn with the app on all other devices, but on small smartphone screens Get More Brain plays out its full strength.

Get More Brain is Learning Content

Like any messenger, Get More Brain lets you share photos, videos, audios, and documents. But Get More Brain goes further, because this messenger specializes in sharing learning content. You can select existing (smartphone-ready!) learning media in the store and easily incorporate them into conversations. As a user you can also easily create your own learning nuggets, which learners can access on their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Get More Brain supports bitmark, a simple markup language that can be used to create interactive learning bits, quizzes, and surveys. Because bitmark is an open standard, Get More Brain can also use learning content from other EdTechs, such as Classtime, Taskbase, or Egghead.

Get More Brain is an AI Chatbot

But the real superpower of Get More Brain is intelligent built-in bots that support both learners and teachers in their flow. The AI bots provide feedback, suggest content, and ensure that learning goals are met.

Get More Brain is a new Learning Experience

So, Get More Brain is a device-independent personal learning and coaching environment based on communication and smart mobile learning nuggets. Get More Brain is currently in closed beta and will hit the AppStores as soon as we are happy with the first version of our baby.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you are interested in Get More Brain or in bitmark.

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