What is Get More Brain?

Get More Brain is based on the fact that learning is often (always?) based on communication. A student talks to his professor. A learner discusses with her teacher. A teacher chats with his class. An employee exchanges ideas with a field worker.
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Roman Schurter
Roman Schurter
+20 years educational content creation, Community Manager and Learning Designer at Get More Brain.

Get More Brain is a Messenger

There are many learn­ing sit­u­a­tions in which con­ver­sa­tion is key. In knowl­edge trans­fer, in knowl­edge appli­ca­tion, in knowl­edge test­ing.

That’s why Get More Brain is first and fore­most a mes­sen­ger. Like What­sApp, Telegram and Co, peo­ple can com­mu­ni­cate with each oth­er 1:1 or in groups. And like its col­leagues, Get More Brain lives pri­mar­i­ly on smart­phones. Of course, you can learn with the app on all oth­er devices, but on small smart­phone screens Get More Brain plays out its full strength.

Get More Brain is Learning Content

Like any mes­sen­ger, Get More Brain lets you share pho­tos, videos, audios, and doc­u­ments. But Get More Brain goes fur­ther, because this mes­sen­ger spe­cial­izes in shar­ing learn­ing con­tent. You can select exist­ing (smart­phone-ready!) learn­ing media in the store and eas­i­ly incor­po­rate them into con­ver­sa­tions. As a user you can also eas­i­ly cre­ate your own learn­ing nuggets, which learn­ers can access on their smart­phones any­time, any­where.

Get More Brain sup­ports bit­mark, a sim­ple markup lan­guage that can be used to cre­ate inter­ac­tive learn­ing bits, quizzes, and sur­veys. Because bit­mark is an open stan­dard, Get More Brain can also use learn­ing con­tent from oth­er EdTechs, such as Classtime, Taskbase, or Egghead.

Get More Brain is an AI Chatbot

But the real super­pow­er of Get More Brain is intel­li­gent built-in bots that sup­port both learn­ers and teach­ers in their flow. The AI bots pro­vide feed­back, sug­gest con­tent, and ensure that learn­ing goals are met.

Get More Brain is a new Learning Experience

So, Get More Brain is a device-inde­pen­dent per­son­al learn­ing and coach­ing envi­ron­ment based on com­mu­ni­ca­tion and smart mobile learn­ing nuggets. Get More Brain is cur­rent­ly in closed beta and will hit the App­Stores as soon as we are hap­py with the first ver­sion of our baby.

In the mean­time, feel free to con­tact us if you are inter­est­ed in Get More Brain or in bit­mark.

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