In our digital world, individual coaching is becoming easier – and more important!

Individual coaching is an important tool for individuals to achieve goals at work, in their personal lives, and in sports. In the culture of digital, individual coaching is becoming increasingly important.
The picture shows two people on a steep hill in the backlight of a sunset. One helps the other by giving him his hand. This is a symbolic image for Individual coaching.
Roman Schurter
Roman Schurter
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Individual coaching is an important tool for individuals to achieve goals at work, in their personal lives, and in sports. Coaching provides people with the guidance they need to become more self-aware, identify and set goals, create action plans, and acquire new skills. It also helps them develop effective strategies for success and discover new opportunities.

In the culture of digitality, individual coaching is becoming increasingly important. As the demands on individuals continue to increase and competition in various fields becomes more intense, individual coaching becomes an invaluable tool for helping people succeed. It provides a safe space where they can develop their skills, receive guidance and support, and build confidence.

Individual coaching in the professional field

An example of individual coaching in the professional arena is career coaching. It offers people the opportunity to receive personal and individual advice regarding their professional development. In doing so, they can use certain measures to better exploit their potential, which can be crucial for success in the job.

Another example is upskilling coaching. It is aimed specifically at people who want to be up to date in their professional field. With the help of coaching, they gain additional knowledge.

The picture shows an athletic couple on training. They are doing squats on a bridge. Individual coaching can help to gain new skills.

Individual coaching in the sports sector

Individual coaching can also be very helpful in the field of sports. Here, not only physical performance is trained, but also mental preparation and team building, which can be crucial for success. Coaching is particularly helpful here because it allows athletes to identify weaknesses and develop strategies to better handle difficult situations and challenges

Individual coaching in the personal area

In addition to the professional and sports spheres, individual coaching can also be used in the personal sphere. It offers people the opportunity to receive advice on how to achieve their own goals, whether it is learning a new language or starting a business. Individual coaching helps with self-reflection and offers support in difficult situations so that people can grow into better versions of themselves.

The picture shows what individual coaching involves: Teaching, Skills, Development, Support, Sharing, Mentoring, Guidance, Listening

Individual coaching is becoming increasingly important

In the personal realm, there has always been a wide range of coaching options. Personal coaches offer an individualized approach, tailoring advice and support to the specific needs of their clients. The focus of coaching is usually to enable individuals to become more self-aware, identify their goals, and create action plans to help them achieve those goals. Examples range from career counseling and life transition coaching to self-awareness training and improving performance skills.

Life coaching, in particular, has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people seek to improve various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s career, health and wellness, relationships or family issues, life coaches have the expertise to help people find the best path for themselves and overcome challenges they may be facing. They can provide invaluable advice on how to develop effective strategies for success, discover new opportunities, and build important skills to achieve goals

Executive coaching is another form of personal coaching that is becoming increasingly important in the business world as it helps individuals improve their leadership skills. It’s not just about imparting knowledge, but also assessing talents and weaknesses so leaders can learn how to lead more effectively by improving existing skills or acquiring new ones

Our digital lifestyle helps – and challenges

New technological capabilities are making coaching more accessible. With the help of digital platforms, people can seek individualized advice from professionals for personal, professional, and athletic issues. Digital technology can facilitate communication between coaches and clients, allowing them to meet remotely.

Platforms like Get More Brain provide all the tools needed in the coaching process, from interactive learning content and customized learning paths to personal note-taking tools and Messenger, where coaches and learners exchange ideas.

But digital is also one of the key drivers for new coaching offerings. In a world that is rapidly evolving and the flood of information is constantly increasing, many people need orientation, need to develop new competencies.

The image shows a man standing in front of four robotarms, programming them with his laptop. Individual coaching can help to gain new skills.
Individual coaching helps to face our increasingly digital world


Overall, one-on-one coaching offers many people the opportunity to gain valuable insight about themselves while receiving personalized guidance to help them achieve their desired goals in all areas of life. Not only can it provide invaluable support, but it can also enable individuals to maximize their potential and discover new paths to success.

Individual coaching is becoming increasingly important as more and more people realize that personal support and guidance are essential to achieving their goals. Whether at work or in their personal lives, coaches have a wealth of knowledge on how best to succeed, making them an indispensable source of information and advice for many people.