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Make your learning experience more personal and tell your Co-Learners something about yourself.
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In Get More Brain every user has a personal profile. The profile contains the email address and a password. Optionally, you can add a user picture and other information to make your learning experience more personal.

💡 Add your name and an image to your profile!

Fill in your profile details.
Fill in your profile details.


Using Get More Brain is fast, easy and secure: You just have to provide a valid email-address and a secure password to get Access to the best learning experience.

Since Get More Brain is a lifelong learning experience, it is recommended to use a private mail address for login. This ensures that you can access Get More Brain even if you change employers.

To make logging in even easier, you can use an existing account on Google, Apple, or Facebook.

Get More Brain will only use your email details to manage your personal login. Personal information will never be used for promotional purposes or shared with third parties.

You just need an email address and a password to get your secure access to our learning experience.

Log in with your email address and a secure password.
Log in with your email address and a secure password.


If you use Get More Brain for the first time, you need to register with your email address and a secure password. We recommend using a private email address. This way, you will have access to your learning materials for life, even if you change employers.

Use a strong password to access your account. A strong password is at least 12 characters long but 14 or more is better. Use a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Don’t use a word that can be found in a dictionary or the name of a person, character, product, or organization. Make your new password significantly different from your previous passwords.

  1. Click / Tap on “Register” to create a new personal Profile
  2. Enter a private email address to register to Get More Brain.
  3. Alternatively, you can sign in with any existing Facebook‑, Google- or Apple-Account.
  4. Enter a strong password. (You can show it to be sure about what you enter)
  5. Provide your first and last name and choose your country to make your profile a bit more personal.
  6. Click / Tap “Register” to continue.

After your registration, we will email you a confirmation-link to the provided email address. Check your spam-folder if our mail does not appear withing a few minutes. In our mail you will see a link with which you can confirm your registration. Click / Tap on the link and your Registration is done.

From now on, you can log into Get More Brain.

Registration to Get More Brain
Registration to Get More Brain

Login to Get More Brain

If you have used Get More Brain before, you can easily log in with your personal login.

  • Enter your email address and click / tap “Continue”
  • Enter your personal password and click / tap “Login”

Alternatively, you can use an existing Facebook‑, Google- or Apple-Login.

Log in with your email address and a secure password.
Log in with your email address and a secure password.

Reset Password

If you forgot your password, you can reset it. We will email you to your email address.

  1. go to your profile and click / tap on “Lost Password”
  2. enter your email address
  3. open your mail app and look for a new email (Check your spam folder!)
  4. use the provided link in the email to set a new password.
  5. use the new password to log into Get More Brain

You can reset your password at any time.

Reset your password
Reset your password

Profile Settings

You can change your profile settings at any time from your Get More Brain Dashboard. Just select ‘Profile’ in the dot menu near your profile picture.


Enter your first and last name. This makes it easier to find you in the Messenger.


You can always change your email address. We will send you an email to confirm the new address.


Choose the country you are from.


Select any language you want to use in Get More Brain. At this time we support the following languages:

  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Français
  • English
  • Românã
  • Español

Mobile Phone

Enter your phone number to connect to your mobile.

Open your profile settings
Open your profile settings

Business Profiles

If you use Get More Brain in an organization, you may get a login through your company’s single-login system. In this case, you can also add a private email address to your profile, which you can use to log in to Get More Brain if you leave the company.

This way, your learning content and notebooks remain accessible for a lifetime.