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Get More Brain
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Get More Brain is an ideal solution for publishers seeking to navigate today’s digital complexities. Our platform provides advanced tools and expert insights for simplified content management, improved reader engagement, and secure digital assets. Partner with us and transform challenges into growth opportunities by breaking down language barriers, incorporating interactivity, and tapping into new markets.

New Use of Content

Use content more efficiently across all target markets, with renewal and repurchase based only on usage, optimizing cost-effectiveness and responsiveness to market demand.

Customized Content Packages


bitmark-bits to create innovative digital content.

More than PDF


Define new markets, new licensing models and new usage scenarios through innovative, demand-driven platforms.

New Market Reach

Author and Trainer Engagement

Offer your authors and trainers the opportunity to use Get More Brain for training and coaching, enhancing retention and expanding content use.


The image is a portrait-pic of one of our team-member: Jörg Pieper

Jörg Pieper

Head of Content Acquisition / Publisher Relations

Our Offerings

Efficient Content Management: Get More Brain offers an advanced Content Management System (CMS) that makes creating, storing, and distributing digital content a breeze. Our platform is built on bitmark, the leading open-source standard for digitizing learning materials. With bitmark, you can craft unique learning experiences and enjoy smooth, hassle-free data exchange across different learning platforms.

Interactive and Engaging Tools: With Get More Brain, transform your content into an interactive experience that captivates audiences. We offer a range of tools, including quizzes, interactive media, and gamification elements, designed to increase reader engagement and retention. These features make learning and reading more enjoyable and effective, ensuring that your content stands out in a crowded digital landscape.

Global Market Accessibility: Our platform is equipped with language translation and accessibility tools that break down barriers to content consumption. Get More Brain helps you reach a global audience by adapting your content for different linguistic and cultural contexts. This not only expands your market but also ensures that your content is inclusive and accessible to all users, regardless of their language skills or disabilities.

Accessible Content with AI: Get More Brain’s advanced AI-translation tools ensure your content reaches a global audience by dynamically translating and adapting it. This not only extends your reach but also makes your content inclusive and accessible to readers from various linguistic backgrounds, connecting you with new markets and communities by eliminating language barriers.

Your Opportunities

Sustainable Publishing Practices: Our digital-first approach significantly reduces the environmental impact traditionally associated with publishing. You can eliminate the need for paper, reduce waste and the environmental costs of printing, packaging, and transportation. While servers do use energy, the shift to digital significantly lowers your overall environmental impact, making Get More Brain a smart and responsible choice.

Exploring New Markets: Expand your horizons with Get More Brain’s global platform. We equip you with the tools to easily adapt your content for different cultural contexts and languages, opening doors to new geographic markets. This not only diversifies your reader base but also introduces your content to new markets, creating business opportunities.

Innovative Revenue Models: Diversify your revenue streams with Get More Brain’s flexible monetization options. Whether through customization, subscription models or licensed content sharing, our platform allows you to experiment with various revenue strategies. This adaptability helps you maximize earnings while meeting the diverse needs of your audience.

Continuous Learning and Development: Stay ahead in a fast-evolving industry with Get More Brain’s commitment to continuous learning. We provide ongoing training and development resources to help your customers master new tools and stay updated on industry trends. This ensures that your business remains competitive and well-informed, ready to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Features you might like

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Multiple Designs

With our Designer-Tool, you can seamlessly integrate your corporate identity into Get More Brain. We store all data in our CMS, allowing for separation of content and design. This means you can use the same content across different designs and brands.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Mobile-First Approach

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Your Portfolio

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Secure AI Features

Keep your content secure from content-scraping AI startups. With Get More Brain's AI features, you can use your content without training any language models. Users can interact with your content – chat, summarize, translate, generate quizzes – all within our platform.

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Personalized Notebooks

Give users the ability to enhance your content with their own insights. With bitmark, users can save any content module to a personal notebook, annotate it, and supplement it with their own knowledge. Users can also share content with each other through our integrated messenger.