the logo of Get More Brain in green: on the left side its a chat-bubble with a brain stamped out.

How To
Get More Brain

Get More Brain gives you many tools to set up a unique learning environment. The focus is on communication and collaboration as well as flexible, interactive learning content. Let’s get an overview over all features. Follow the links to learn more about working with our tools.

Use the Workspace to create your personal notebooks, upload PDFs and collect multiple Learning-Bits from the Library.
Make your learning experience more personal and tell your Co-Learners something about yourself.
The Messenger is the place to talk to your contacts and work together on Learning Content. You can share your insights, send each other notes, or collaborate on quizzes.
Start learning with all the content in your Library. Open books, navigate through the content and add your own annotations.
In Get More Brain you can build your personal Learning Network (PLN) and stay in touch with all your contacts.
Is your Library still empty? Find professional learning content in the Academy. You can download it from free or buy it directly in the store.