How Coaches Can Motivate Generation Z in the Workplace

As a coach, you may not know how to motivate Generation Z in the workplace. But there are new technology and methods of motivation that may help.
The picture shows two young vloggers. They can be seen out of focus in the background. In the foreground is a smartphone camera on a tripod. We see on the display how the two are recording a video of themselves.
Trent Draper
Trent Draper
+15 years in Sales within the education industry, Head International Sales at Get More Brain.

As a coach, you may be feel­ing at a loss when it comes to moti­vat­ing Gen­er­a­tion Z in the work­place. You may have noticed that the tra­di­tion­al meth­ods of moti­va­tion don’t seem to be work­ing as well as they used to. It’s no secret that each gen­er­a­tion has dif­fer­ent moti­va­tions and val­ues when it comes to work.

The image shows an illustration of different generations. Generation Z is aged 7-21. It's followed by Generation Y and X and the Baby Boomers aged 52-70.
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But don’t wor­ry, there are new tech­nol­o­gy and meth­ods of moti­va­tion that you can try that can help. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Onboarding and Training of Generation Z

When it comes to onboard­ing and train­ing pro­grams, employ­ers should focus on mak­ing them inter­ac­tive and engag­ing. Bor­ing lec­tures and Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tions are a sure­fire way to lose Gen Z’s atten­tion. Instead, try using gam­i­fi­ca­tion, sim­u­la­tions, and oth­er hands-on learn­ing activ­i­ties. These types of pro­grams will help keep your new employ­ees moti­vat­ed while they learn the ropes.

Professional Development

Career growth is impor­tant to Gen Zers, so offer­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment is a great way to keep them engaged in the work­place. Con­sid­er offer­ing men­tor­ship pro­grams, online cours­es, or tuition reim­burse­ment for employ­ees who want to fur­ther their edu­ca­tion. By invest­ing in your employ­ees’ devel­op­ment, you’ll show them that you’re com­mit­ted to their suc­cess — some­thing that will go a long way in keep­ing them moti­vat­ed and engaged.

Learning Experience Platforms

Learn­ing Expe­ri­ence Plat­forms (LXP) are a great way to engage Gen­er­a­tion Z in the work­place. An LXP is an inter­ac­tive learn­ing plat­form that enables learn­ers and coach­es to exchange learn­ings using inter­ac­tive media based on indi­vid­ual or group learn­ing paths. LXP’s offer more flex­i­bil­i­ty in the deliv­ery of learn­ing mate­r­i­al ver­sus tra­di­tion­al Learn­ing Man­age­ment Sys­tems (LMS) and are a great fit for the learn­ing style of the dig­i­tal native Gen Z.

Some of the things to look for in an LXP include: com­mu­ni­ca­tion based learn­ing and inter­ac­tive work­books. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion based LXPs ensure that learn­ers can imme­di­ate­ly ask ques­tions or share progress to their peers, coach­es or man­agers. LXPs need to be inter­ac­tive to keep the learn­ers engaged oth­er­wise it won’t be ful­ly uti­lized by Gen Z.

Work­books cre­at­ed by LXPs focus on the needs of the learn­ers by mak­ing learn­ing fun and engag­ing. This allows learn­ers to find dif­fer­ent top­ics inter­est­ing and have a place to store their learn­ings for fur­ther review. Learn­ing Expe­ri­ence Plat­forms are a great way to engage many types of learn­ers, espe­cial­ly those in Gen Z.


There you have dif­fer­ent ways to moti­vate Gen Z in the work­place. We hope you found this blog post help­ful. If you have any ques­tions or would like more infor­ma­tion, please don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact us!

We would be more than hap­py to help you engage your employ­ees and cre­ate a pro­duc­tive work envi­ron­ment for Gen Z with our next gen­er­a­tion plat­form: Get More Brain!