This is the Acad­e­my in Get More Brain

About the Academy

The Acad­e­my is the place where you will find learn­ing con­tent that will guide you on the path to your learn­ing goals. Think of the Acad­e­my as a mar­ket­place where authors, train­ers, and pub­lish­ers can post their con­tent. All con­tent uses Bit­mark for­mat, so it is mod­u­lar and opti­mized for use in Get More Brains Mes­sen­ger or note­books. In the Acad­e­my you will find both free learn­ing con­tent and con­tent that you can pur­chase with your cred­it card.

Search for books

The Acad­e­my con­tains learn­ing con­tent on a wide vari­ety of top­ics. Search helps them find exact­ly the con­tent they need.

  1. Click the mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon in the upper right cor­ner.
  2. Enter a key­word in the search field.
  3. Press the Enter key to start the search.

All titles that match your search query will be dis­played. You can sim­ply click on the cov­ers to get more infor­ma­tion about the books. An arrow icon will take you back to your search results.

💡Get More Brain saves your search queries. You can repeat them at any time.

Your search results in the Acad­e­my
The picture shows the academy of Get More Brain. After a search you can download or buy the content
Your search results in the acad­e­my

Search for content

You can also use the search func­tion to find indi­vid­ual con­tent / bits instead of entire books.

  • Start the search, but switch to “Con­tents of all books”.
  • Enter a search term and press Enter to start the search.
  • Browse the list of found con­tent.
The image shows the Academy of Get More Brain. You can search the marketplace by title or even by content.
Don’t search for entire titles, search for indi­vid­ual con­tent.

Get More Brain dis­plays all the match­ing con­tent and you can use it imme­di­ate­ly.

  • Send the con­tent to their Mes­sen­ger con­tacts
  • Save the con­tents in one of your per­son­al note­books
  • View the con­tent in the con­text of the book / course

💡 If it is paid con­tent, you will be guid­ed through the pur­chase process.

The image shows the Academy of Get More Brain. The Academy is a marketplace where you can download free books or buy new content.
You can use the learn­ing con­tent you are look­ing for direct­ly in Get More Brain.

Download or buy content

Once you have found the con­tent you want, you can down­load it direct­ly into Get More Brain. If it is paid con­tent, use your cred­it card to pur­chase it. Just click / tap on the pur­chase price and you will be guid­ed through the pur­chase process. A mes­sage con­firms that you have down­loaded or pur­chased the con­tent. You will find your down­loaded con­tent in your Library.

The image shows the Academy of Get More Brain. You can buy content with your credit card.