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Get More Brain
for Schools & Education

Get More Brain is great for schools wanting to improve their educational offerings. It helps schools manage teaching materials efficiently, making sure students get the latest and most relevant content. Our platform lets schools make customized learning environments, which helps students learn better. Schools can also make learning more interactive by promoting teamwork and communication. This makes learning more engaging and easy for every student.

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Scalable Solutions

Customized Learning Paths

Tailor training sessions for both group classes and individual personal needs, ensuring each learning experience is relevant and effective.


Accessible Anywhere

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Trent Draper

Head International Sales

Our Offerings

Enhanced Accessibility: Get More Brain adapts to the unique learning styles and paces of individual students, promoting inclusivity. Through AI translations, students can access educational content in their preferred languages, ensuring that learning opportunities are equal and accessible to everyone.

Comprehensive Learning Management: Our learning management system allows schools to seamlessly organize and update educational content. With Get More Brain, educators can manage courses, create digital learning content, and get direct feedback from the learners. All within a user-friendly interface designed to enhance the learning process.

Customized Learning Environments: Get More Brain enables schools to create tailored learning environments that adapt to the specific needs of each student. By allowing educators to customize content and learning paths, our platform supports differentiated instruction that can address various academic strengths and challenges.

Enhanced Collaboration: Our platform fosters collaboration by providing tools that facilitate communication between students and teachers. Get More Brain enhances the learning experience by sharing insights and resources. This way schools can encourage a collaborative and interactive atmosphere.

Your Opportunities

Dynamic Learning Pathways: Get More Brain offers your school the ability to create dynamic, personalized learning pathways that cater to the diverse needs of each student. Our platform’s adaptability allows for the customization of learning experiences that can adjust to varying academic levels and learning speeds, promoting an inclusive educational environment that fosters growth for all students.

Enhanced Engagement Through Interactive Content: Get More Brain enables your school to employ interactive and multimedia content, transforming the traditional learning environment. By integrating interactive quizzes, simulations, and engaging media, we help you boost student involvement and retention, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

Expanding Access to Global Content: Use Get More Brain to globalize your curriculum, offering students access to a diverse range of educational materials and international perspectives. This broadened approach not only enriches the learning experience but also prepares students to thrive in a globally connected world by fostering critical thinking and cultural awareness.

Continuous Professional Development: Invest in your faculty with Get More Brain’s continuous professional development tools. Our team provides on-demand access to training sessions, workshops, and seminars that keep your teaching staff at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring that they deliver high-quality education with the most current methodologies and technological tools.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Features you might like

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Mobile-First Approach

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.

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Personalized Notebooks

Give users the ability to enhance your content with their own insights. With bitmark, users can save any content module to a personal notebook, annotate it, and supplement it with their own knowledge. Users can also share content with each other through our integrated messenger.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Your Portfolio

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.