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Get More Brain
for Content Creators

Get More Brain is ideal for Content Creators aiming to optimize their digital presence. Our platform provides tools for content management, audience engagement, and monetization. It allows creators to modularize their content for adaptability across platforms, simplifying management and enhancing the learning experience.


Content Protection


bitmark-bits to create innovative digital content

Feedback Integration

Receive and integrate direct learner feedback to refine content and strategies.


Stay relevant!

Add updated information and media to keep your content up to date and relevant for your different audiences.


Make your content accessible on multiple devices, enabling learning at any time and place.

Break down language barriers with our AI translation tools.

Custom Branding

Customize and publish your content in various appealing layouts.

The image is a portrait-pic of one of our team-member: Trent Draper

Trent Draper

Head International Sales

Our Offerings

Enhanced Interactivity: Get More Brain equips content creators with advanced multimedia tools that elevate the learning experience. Creators can integrate videos, interactive quizzes, and simulations into their content, making it more engaging and effective for learners. This interactivity not only enhances user engagement but also aids in the retention of knowledge, providing a more dynamic and immersive learning environment.

Robust Intellectual Property Protection: Our platform ensures that all content is securely managed and protected under stringent intellectual property laws. This protection allows creators to safely share and distribute their work without the risk of unauthorized use or duplication. By safeguarding the rights of creators, Get More Brain provides peace of mind, allowing them to focus on creativity and innovation.

Global Reach and Accessibility: Get More Brain ensures that your content reaches a global audience with ease. Our platform supports multiple languages and is designed to cater to diverse educational needs around the world. This accessibility expands your potential audience, opening up opportunities for cross-cultural educational impacts and broader content consumption.

Personalized Content Delivery: We offer tools that enable creators to personalize the learning experience for their audience. Content can be customized based on user preferences, learning pace, and specific educational goals, making it more relevant and effective. This personalized approach not only enhances learner satisfaction but also improves educational outcomes, making it a valuable feature for creators looking to make a significant impact.

Your Opportunities

Streamlined Content Organization: As a content creator, managing various types of educational materials efficiently is crucial. Get More Brain offers an intuitive platform that organizes all your content seamlessly. This organization saves you valuable time, letting you focus on creativity and innovation.

Modular Content with Bitmark: With Get More Brain’s use of bitmark technology, you can modularize your content, breaking it down into smaller, reusable components. This modularity allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in content delivery, enabling you to tailor learning experiences to diverse audience needs and various digital formats effortlessly.

Custom Learning Paths: Adapt your content to meet the unique needs of each learner with Get More Brain. Our platform enables you to design personalized learning paths that are responsive to individual learner progress and preferences, enhancing engagement and the effectiveness of your educational offerings.

Direct Feedback Channels: Engage directly with your audience through built-in feedback mechanisms. Get More Brain helps you collect and analyze feedback from learners, allowing you to continuously refine and improve your content. This responsiveness not only enriches the learning experience but also boosts learner satisfaction and success.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Features you might like

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Your Portfolio

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.

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Personalized Notebooks

Give users the ability to enhance your content with their own insights. With bitmark, users can save any content module to a personal notebook, annotate it, and supplement it with their own knowledge. Users can also share content with each other through our integrated messenger.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Mobile-First Approach

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.