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Get More Brain
for Associations

Get More Brain is ideal for associations seeking efficient knowledge management and improved employee engagement. Our platform provides a unified hub for managing, accessing, and updating information repositories, ensuring relevant and current resources for all. Our system encourages collaboration and continuous learning, facilitating professional growth through shared insights.

Personal Learning Paths

Customized educational programs, adapting the unique needs of your team.

Engagement Tools


bitmark-bits to create innovative digital content.


Ease of Technology Integration

Centralized Knowledge Management

Store and manage all knowledge in one accessible location. 

Combine business content with your own.

Collaborate & Communicate

The image is a portrait-pic of one of our team-member: Trent Draper

Trent Draper

Head International Sales

Our Offerings

Centralized Knowledge Management: Get More Brain provides a powerful, centralized platform for knowledge management, allowing associations to easily organize and access their diverse educational content and resources. This centralization helps in eliminating information silos and ensures that all employees have timely access to the most relevant and up-to-date materials.

Mixing Business with Personal Content: Get More Brain recognizes the importance of a balanced approach to professional and personal development. Our platform allows associations to blend business-related content with personal development tools, offering a holistic learning experience. This integration helps employees achieve a better work-life balance while continuing to develop professionally.

Enhanced Communication with Modular Content: Our platform features a sophisticated messenger where employees can chat and exchange content seamlessly. The content on Get More Brain is modular, allowing it to be integrated into chats bit by bit. Interactive modules can be edited directly within the messenger, facilitating real-time collaboration and learning.

Seamless System Integration: Get More Brain seamlessly integrates with existing organizational systems, ensuring that associations can adopt our platform without disrupting their current operations. This integration capability supports a smooth transition and enhances user adoption by syncing with the tools employees already use, making the platform an extension of their daily workflows.

Your Opportunities

Streamline Your Content Delivery: As an association striving to keep your educational materials current and accessible, Get More Brain offers you a streamlined content delivery system that allows you to efficiently update and distribute new information. This platform ensures that all your members have instant access to the latest resources, helping you maintain a knowledgeable community that can adapt to industry changes swiftly.

Promote Sustainability in Your Operations: With Get More Brain, you can significantly reduce your need for paper-based resources, cutting down on waste and the environmental costs associated with printing, packaging, and transportation. While servers do utilize energy, shifting to our digital content delivery markedly lowers your overall environmental footprint, making Get More Brain a smart and ecologically responsible choice for your association.

Customize Learning Paths: Recognize the diverse needs of your members by leveraging Get More Brain to create customized learning paths that cater to individual career goals and learning preferences. This personalized approach not only boosts member satisfaction and retention but also encourages a more engaged and motivated community, leading to higher productivity and better performance across your association.

Access Expert Support and Guidance: With Get More Brain, you have access to a team of experts who understand the nuances of effective knowledge management and are always ready to assist you. Whether you need technical support, strategic advice, or best practices in content creation, their expertise is invaluable in helping you navigate challenges and leverage the platform to its full potential. This partnership ensures that you are never alone in your journey to enhance educational outcomes and organizational growth.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Features you might like

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Personalized Notebooks

Give users the ability to enhance your content with their own insights. With bitmark, users can save any content module to a personal notebook, annotate it, and supplement it with their own knowledge. Users can also share content with each other through our integrated messenger.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Mobile-First Approach

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Your Portfolio

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.