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Get More Brain shines in the retail sector! It keeps everyone on the same page with the latest product details and customer service approaches. Our platform brings all this essential info together, guaranteeing your team is always in the know and ready to provide top-notch service.

Our experts offer custom solutions to revolutionize the way retail businesses manage knowledge. We make sure your team can work together effectively, leading to enhanced efficiency and customer delight.

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Stay up to date with latest product details and customer service approaches.

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The image is a portrait-pic of one of our team-member: David Tsipenyuk

David Tsipenyuk

Associate Director of Growth

Our Offerings

Centralized Knowledge Hub: Get More Brain provides a centralized knowledge hub that streamlines the storage and retrieval of essential information. From training manuals and product details to customer service protocols, all vital data is housed in one easy-to-access location. This ensures consistency and accuracy, empowering your retail team to perform their best with the latest information always at their fingertips.

Efficient Onboarding and Training: Onboarding new employees and keeping current staff updated can be challenging in the fast-paced retail environment. Get More Brain simplifies this process with structured training modules and easy-to-follow learning paths. This ensures that all team members are continuously informed about the latest best practices and product updates, reducing training time and improving overall efficiency.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within your retail organization using Get More Brain’s integrated tools. Our platform includes messaging and collaboration that make it easy for employees to share insights, best practices, and solutions. This fosters a collaborative culture, enhances team cohesion, and drives innovation across your business.

Fun and Engaging Content: Get More Brain transforms learning into an enjoyable experience with fun and engaging content. Utilizing gamification, quizzes, and interactive elements, the platform makes training sessions more appealing and effective. This not only boosts employee engagement but also enhances knowledge retention, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to provide excellent service and adapt to new challenges.

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Enhanced Employee Engagement: Keeping your team motivated and engaged is crucial. Get More Brain offers interactive and engaging learning tools that make training enjoyable and impactful. With gamification features, quizzes, and collaborative learning opportunities, your employees will be more motivated to learn and apply new skills. This leads to a more engaged workforce, improved morale, and better customer service.

AI-Translation Tools: Language barriers can be a significant challenge in a diverse retail environment. Get More Brain includes advanced AI-translation tools that help bridge these gaps, making training materials and communications accessible to all employees, regardless of their primary language. This ensures that every team member can understand and benefit from the available resources, leading to a more cohesive and inclusive workplace.

Access Knowledge Anywhere: Having immediate access to information is essential. Get More Brain’s platform is fully responsive, allowing your team to access training materials, operational guidelines, and critical data from any device, whether they’re on the sales floor, in the stockroom, or on the go. This flexibility ensures that your employees always have the knowledge they need at their fingertips, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Expert Support and Consultation: Beyond the platform itself, Get More Brain offers access to a team of experts who can provide tailored support and consultation. Whether you need help designing custom training programs, integrating new technologies, or optimizing your knowledge management strategies, their experts are there to guide you. This partnership ensures you get the most out of the platform and continuously improve your business operations.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.
A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Features you might like

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Mobile-First Approach

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.

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Personalized Notebooks

Give users the ability to enhance your content with their own insights. With bitmark, users can save any content module to a personal notebook, annotate it, and supplement it with their own knowledge. Users can also share content with each other through our integrated messenger.

A smartphone with Get More Brain on screen.

Your Portfolio

Designed as a mobile-first experience, Get More Brain lets users take your content wherever they go. Thanks to bitmark, your content is more accessible to users, anytime and anywhere.