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Preserving Organizational Knowledge: The Crucial Role of Personalized Learning

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An organization can preserve and share its knowledge through the right tools and methods. Personalized learning can help preserve and share employees' knowledge to increase efficiency and promote growth.

Unlocking the potential of personalized learning to preserve organizational knowledge during employee transitions


Institutional knowledge is the backbone of every organization, comprised of accumulated experiences, insights, and skills. But what happens when an employee leaves? A huge chunk of this invaluable knowledge walks out the door, often without a ready replacement. While we rightly emphasize the costs of recruiting and onboarding, the quality of knowledge transfer often gets compromised, particularly with departing staff.

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The Cost of Knowledge Loss

Knowledge loss can have far-reaching consequences.

As per the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of losing a salaried employee averages six to nine months’ salary.

This cost isn’t just financial, it also includes the loss of unique insights, experience, and relationships the employee had nurtured. It’s like losing a part of your organization’s memory, affecting productivity, morale, and ultimately, your bottom line.

The Limitations of a Traditional LMS

While traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) are helpful, they often work on a one-size-fits-all principle. They disseminate generic information efficiently but fall short of capturing nuanced knowledge and experience of departing employees. It’s like trying to catch raindrops with a sieve — the unique insights and experiences can slip through the gaps, leading to knowledge deficits and performance dips.

The Importance of Personalized Learning

This brings us to the power of personalized learning. An effective Learning and Development (L&D) plan should leverage technology to deliver highly personalized training — not just for the whole business or specific departments, but for each individual employee within the organization. As I mentioned in my previous blog, “Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills: A Guide for Professionals and Leaders,” adapting learning experiences to individuals is vital for knowledge transfer and retention.

To illustrate this, let me take you back to my final semester at university in Australia, many years ago. I landed a job in a company that was still recovering from firing my predecessor. The air was thick with tension, and I was tossed into the deep end. I got a general ‘onboarding,’ which hardly helped me with my specific job. A wealth of historical information was lost since I didn’t have access to my predecessor’s emails. It was like piecing together a puzzle with half the pieces missing, a drain on both my time, motivation and the company’s resources.

Reimagining Employee Onboarding with Get More Brain

In a landscape where traditional LMSs fall short and deleted emails equate to significant knowledge loss, how can organizations effectively preserve and transfer knowledge? Enter Get More Brain, a transformative learning platform fostering lifelong learning and collaboration.

Get More Brain encourages continuous learning and interaction between learners, managers, and AI-driven bots. Through consistent engagement, learners become more proficient and confident, evolving into coaches, providing guidance based on their experiences and knowledge.

Moreover, Get More Brain promotes a personalized learning journey for each role in a company. It tailors the learning experience to each learner’s unique needs and pace. It’s a far cry from the standard, blanket training sessions. By recognizing and catering to the unique requirements of each role, Get More Brain can enhance training and onboarding efficiency and effectiveness.


Preserving organizational knowledge is crucial for productivity and innovation. Personalized learning plays a pivotal role by capturing employee’s unique insights and experiences. This practice ensures knowledge is preserved and transferred effectively.

In my role at Get More Brain, I’ve witnessed the effectiveness of this approach. It mitigates knowledge loss and fosters a collaborative culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

By prioritizing personalized learning and leveraging platforms like Get More Brain, organizations can ensure that organizational knowledge doesn’t just walk out the door when an employee leaves. Instead, it becomes embedded within the organization, ready for future employees and the broader team to learn from and build upon.

I invite you to share your thoughts on this topic. How does your organization handle knowledge transfer when an employee leaves? What role do you see personalized learning playing in preserving institutional knowledge?

If you’re curious how Get More Brain can transform your learning and development strategy, follow me on Medium or LinkedIn, leave a comment below, or reach out to me directly. Let’s connect, explore, and work together to drive performance, engagement, and retention in your workplace.

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